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Interrupting the ordered routine of the Mecosta County Amish settlement, an angelic visitor awakens Judith to a new faith.

The Promise of an Angel

Interrupting the ordered routine of the Mecosta County Amish settlement, an angelic visitor awakens Judith to a new faith.

All Judith Fischer ever wanted is to marry within her community and raise a family. She longs for the day when her parents will allow Levi Plank to officially court her.

But on the day Judith suspects Levi will ask her parent’s permission, her younger brother Samuel has an accident under her charge. Rushing to Samuel’s aid, Judith spies a strange man helping him; a man she later believes was an angel.

When she shares her conviction with her family and close friends, she is shocked to find that no one believes her, including Levi. In the days following the accident, the angel visits Judith with information that may guide her down the path of faith, should she choose to follow.

As her community slowly distances themselves, only one person is willing to stand up for her?the bishop’s son, Andrew Lapp. But can he convince the settlement to listen to her? With a show of faith that flies in the face of her conservative upbringing, can Judith hold strong to the promise that there are even greater things in store for those who believe in God’s miracles?

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Author spotlight

I spent many school hours daydreaming, mostly about horses. Coaxed by my teacher to submit a short story to the Young Authors Writing Contest, I wrote, A Dream to Remember, about a girl who daydreamed about wild horses. That contest opened my eyes to daydream with a purpose. After that, my endless imagination was limited only by how fast I could write, and sometimes I stayed up late at night writing by flashlight to finish a story.

Ruth Reid

Readers say

The Promise of an Angel is book one in the A Heaven on Earth series. I am loving this series. The characters are well developed. All Judith has wanted all her life is to marry Levi. But her parents put a extra time of two years before she can court which means she has to wait till 19. When most all are courting at 17. So many things start happening in her life that Levi hasn’t gotten to ask her fathers permission. Lot of twist in this story to keep you reading. Her little brother falling of a roof and her seeing a angel there by him. But only thing is her family and others don’t believe her. They think something has terribly happened to her. How can she get them to believe and how can she keep from being banned by the bishop? Great novel!


This is first time with this author but it will not be the last one. She writes wonderful characters and great storyline in this book. Looking forward to reading second book. I highly recommend this author to everyone who loves Amish families and angeles.